Amanda Ellis



ITOC: The Art of Fire




Revelations & Lamentations


Interdisciplinary: Sculpture, Painting + Photography

My work examines the human attempt to differentiate the self from the natural world and, ultimately, our inability to be fully separate. I’m interested in the way that humanity emerges from the background of environment and in the ways that we symbolize it, digest it, and build with it. We learn lessons from it, we exterminate it, we shelter ourselves from it, and we give birth to more pieces of it. In turn, the world responds and reacts–cobwebs form upon the angles and surfaces we create. I’m interested in the idea of co-creation and what it means to inhabit life during the epoch of the Anthropocene. I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist who uses photography as a visual framework for examining the relationship between our inner world and the world-at-large.

CV available upon request.